3 time management mistakes that cost me over 1,000 hours

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I was a time management disaster for the first half of my career.

Today I'm sharing the three huge mistakes I made for five years...

...because I want you to avoid them.

So how much is 1,000 hours?

That's four hours per week, every week, for five years, and it's also a conservative estimate.

But it's also not unique, because I know there are still youth workers doing these very same things.

I was foolishly wasting hours of my ministry and life, all because I refused to get my time under control.

Listen, none of us are born pros when it comes to beating procrastination, setting priorities that stick, and plowing through mundane tasks efficiently.

It's a human nature thing. We're all sinners, we all fall short, we all get distracted, we're all susceptible to laziness, it goes on and on.

That means that if you've never invested in your own ability to manage your own time, you're missing out on something that's super-important...

...because these aren't skills that you're inherently born with. They're skills that you have to acquire.

That's why I'm not embarrassed to share my biggest mistakes with you. It's because I know that we all struggle with managing our time.

The difference is that not all of us will do something to fix those mistakes.

Hey youth workers, being too busy is a fixable problem.
The bigger problem is not fixing it.

If you're ready to do something about your time - or lack of it - then I believe that The Essential Time Management can help you.

In fact, I'm guaranteeing it.
You'll learn how to set priorities, stick to them, and say no to the things that are less important than the most important things. 
You'll learn how to change the basic ways you do things to cut time and frustration from your most mundane ministry tasks. 
You'll learn how to lean on other people to do better things than you could do alone, and with less of your time input. 
You'll learn how to kill the procrastination monster and how to make sure that you always stay motivated to work at full speed.
In fact, if you want to know everything that's happening during this four-week course, you can download the full session list right here.

But none of that is the real reason that you clicked over to this post:

My three time management mistakes...
This session was originally a part of the full course, but I decided to give it away for free. Now why would I do something like that?

1. Because before you decide to join the course, I want you to have as much information as possible.

2. Because even if you DON'T join the course, I want you to start to build the foundation that you need to build better time management habits.

3. Because the voiceover artist that I hired for the course was too awesome not to share with a wider audience. Take a look:

Don't dig video? In ETM, there are full transcripts for every session.
Download this Free Session's transcript right here.

So, to recap my three biggest mistakes...

Believing that if you are good at it, you should do it.
Not everything can be a priority, and just because you're good at something doesn't mean it's an important part of your job.

In the very first session of ETM, we'll walk through the list of things you do that you should just stop doing because they're not lined up with your most important priorities.

Believing that it was terrible to spend money.
You have a budget for a reason, and if you spend wisely, you can use minimal money to free up massive amounts of your time.

In Session Five, you'll learn exactly how.

Trying to be more productive when I didn't feel like it.
If you're in a lethargic, procrastination-fueled funk, simply trying to will yourself to work through it will almost never work. I wish someone would have told me that ten years ago.

In Session Seven, we'll talk about how and why we find ourselves in those lazy moods, and we'll talk about the specific ways that you can break them quickly so that you can get back to working at full speed.

The Essential Time Management launches on Monday!
You'll have to forgive me if I seem a little too giddy, but I'm just excited.

I know this stuff works, because it's already worked for the people who got to try it out early.

Besides that, it's all stuff that worked for me.

It will work for you too.

You'll be able to join around 10am Eastern on Monday, April 28; and I can't wait to see you in there.

Here's what I want you to do right now:
Real quick, I want you to leave a comment and tell me what your biggest time management problem is at the moment.

Don't sugarcoat it. Where do you find yourself wasting time? Losing time?

If you had just ONE time management problem that you wish would go away, what is it?

Leave a comment below > > >

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How busy youth workers can save 3 hours/week guaranteed

 by Aaron Helman | @aaronhelman | loading comments...

Last spring, we learned that 80% of youth workers are overworked and stressed out because of it.

What you probably didn't know is that I've been working behind the scenes ever since...

...to do something about it.

Today marks a new beginning in the story of Smarter Youth Ministry.

And it could mark a new beginning in your life too.

Let's get started.

Time management is the most essential skill that you've probably never been taught... until now.

Poor time management is the problem that makes every other problem even worse.

Think about it. If you need to develop better volunteers, but you're too busy to put more time into your volunteers, then what?

If you're a weak speaker and you need to invest more time writing your talks, but you're too busy to do that, then what?

And you already know that your busyness isn't messing up just your work life. It's affecting you at home too.

That's why 94% of us don't eat enough meals with our families.

And why 80% of us don't have the time to take care of our bodies.

It's also why 75% of us don't have the time for a healthy social life.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You guys, I get it. Youth ministry is a difficult and busy job, and it is not for the faint of heart, but I'll just go ahead and say what needs to be said:

If doing ministry causes you to neglect your health, friends, or family, you're doing ministry wrong.

But there's good news here.

We are absolutely describing a fixable problem.

And if it's a problem that you have, then I believe that I can help you fix it. That's why I'm introducing a brand new course starting next week.

If you join The Essential Time Management, you'll learn the strategies and techniques that no one has ever taught you before, and here's the best part-

If you put these new skills into practice, I guarantee you will save time.

Could you use an extra hour or three a week? I thought so.

The Essential Time Management launches on April 28, and I'll be explaining more about the course later this week.

Right now I want you to dream with me a little bit, and I want you to leave a comment below to answer the following question:

If you had an extra TWO HOURS today, how would you spend it?

I want you to be totally honest with your comment. It doesn't have to be profound or impressive. It certainly shouldn't be whatever you think you're supposed to do with an extra two hours.

Be raw and be honest. If you were given the gift of two extra hours, how would you use them?

Leave a comment below > > >

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Why you should be investing more (a lot more) in yourself

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What's more valuable?

Having plenty of pizza on one evening at a one-time event?

Or developing better speaking skills that you'll use every week forever?

Then why is it that we're quick to drop $100 on the first thing, but so hesitant to do it with the second?

I'm convinced that an investment in yourself is a great investment for your ministry.

Today, I'm going to push you to try it.

Here's why you should be investing more in yourself, and what could happen if you don't.

FYI, early reviewers are telling me that the blooper reel at the end is absolutely hilarious. Apparently, they think you should watch it.

After you watch the video, I'd love it if you'd share this tweet to encourage your ministry friends:

Hey youth workers, please know that you're worth investing in and so is your ministry.

And then, I want you to think about these two questions.

1. When's the last time you made a significant investment (either time OR money) to improve your own ministry skills?

2. What is one thing you can do before the end of April to make a latsing investment in you?

After you figure out how you'll answer that second question, leave a comment below and tell me what it is.

Leave a comment below > > >

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