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I just had a birthday and now I want to give you presents

 by Aaron Helman | @aaronhelman

I turned 29 this weekend.

If I understand this correctly, that means I'll be 30 next year.

I'm on this mission to help end the epidemic of youth worker burnout, and I'd love to see some progress while I'm still in my twenties.

The average career of a youth worker runs less than four years. 

You spent more time than that getting your degree!

Here's my goal:

I want to see the youth worker burnout rate cut in half in my lifetime.

I intend to do that by teaching youth workers to manage the issues that are most likely to run them out of youth ministry. That's why I write about things like effectively leading volunteers, efficiently managing money, and wisely managing time.

Youth workers who do these things well are likely to experience a long and satisfying career in youth ministry. Youth workers who don't do these things well are likely to slog through a burden of extreme stress before flaming out and choosing instead to make lattes.

Will you help me help other youth workers? After all, it is my birthday.

If you sign up for my email list, I'm going to send over two completely free eBooks:

The Top Ten Youth Group Games
I got tired of bad youth ministry games, so I spent some time figuring out what made the good games good... and the bad ones bad.
[Read that post here.]

I discovered the characteristics that make good games, and I used that filter to outline my top ten games. Descriptions and explanations are all right here.

The Top Five Fundraisers
Too many fundraisers are a lot of stress and a lot of work, and maybe not a lot of money. That's why I stopped doing them... until I discovered a really great fundraiser by accident.
[Read that post here.]

Why are there only five? Because you shouldn't need any more than these to fund your next mission trip or retreat. These fundraisers are tested and proven for the highest ROI and the least stress.

Both of these books are my gift to you and they're totally free.

Your gift to me? Help me get the word out.

A birthday party is no fun without a bunch of guests, so if you'll help me get the word out, you can skip bringing a cake. Do both of the following?

Tweet a link to this post and tell your followers why they should click over.

Send an old-fashioned email to your YM friends to let them know how they can get free stuff.

That's it. That's how you can help give me the best birthday ever and provide great stuff to great youth workers just like you.

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