Matt Atchity has over fifteen years of experience managing and building websites that cover a variety of entertainment categories, such as movies, TV, music, celebrities and video games. Under Matt’s leadership, some websites has seen its traffic double over the past five years.
Every week, Matt’s movie review roundups are broadcast on WebTV on outlets and Local TV News on KTTV. Matt also produces and hosts several podcast, a weekly deep dive into the hottest movies and TV shows – with occassional guest appearances.
SmarterYM is a wink to the older buddy comedies that the more you read the smarter you’ll become. YM stands of course for I am, but then with a wink. The purpose of this movie blog is not to highlight the newest movies only but everything in between and give a peek into the life of a filmmaker.
Backstory about Matt
In 6th grade, when Matt was arranging movie outings for all his friends, he picked the movie. Through the years – studying film at the University of Texas at Austin, and working as a professional local filmmaker – he realized how terrible he was at keeping her opinions to herself, leading to the birth of his first podcasts.
Now, he wants to go into a new direction, living in a foreign country to learn everything new. More serious and more in-depth times are ahead of him.