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Build a better youth room

 by Aaron Helman | @aaronhelman

In the summer, you turn on the air conditioning.

In the winter, you turn on the furnace.

You might even replace light bulbs when they go out.


Because you know the meeting space affects  students' ability to absorb your message.

The problem is, there are more variables than any of us can anticipate.

I've asked the question before: If Satan could use something to prevent a student from hearing a message about Jesus, would he?

Absolutely he would.

That's why it's important to make sure that our meeting spaces are conducive to spiritual growth.

If our rooms are filled with distractions, then those distractions will do what they do best.

They'll distract students.

Is my youth room helping me communicate Jesus or is it just getting in the way?

These are the tiny details that can make a big difference.

Spend some time this week reading these posts and implementing small changes in your youth room.

I know, some of these seem silly, but I've done them myself, and it helps.

Ever wonder what caffeine does to students?
Do you provide (or sell) soda at youth group functions? Have you ever stopped to think about whether or not that's helping the cause?

Have you ever thought about how you set up chairs?
Making sure students can hear and see you is a pretty important thing. Have you ever thought about making sure they can?

Clean your youth room
I wish this was a no-brainer, but it isn't. A messy room is a distraction-filled room. Fix that.

Seven easy ways to renovate your youth room
Short on time and money? Do these things to make a noticeable difference in a hurry.

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