Now here is an investment which is really good. A steady good Tripod. I want to discuss a bit my life as I will be moving to another country around end of Sept. Because I switched jobs I now am looking at diverse international insurances to cover any health or medical issues. As a filmmaker you have to travel a lot, sometimes even go to 3 different countries within 1 week for location spotting.

While traveling around a lot it’s interesting to know about how you are covered when anything may go wrong. You also have special providers for your equipment but most of the time you pay for special packages for only your camera or lenses or anything else.

This an equally important point in my years as a filmmakers as getting the right tripod ‘to go’. These costs can go up as much as 2000 and more dollars. But it is worth it. This is mainly because a tripod is used more frequently than your camera.

You will use different cameras for your tripod, including photography if you are into this. A tripod rental is often too high compared to the buying price, this is to make it interesting for the rental place. But then still, a Tripod is better to have in your own house, always at your disposal. Imagine that your friend bought a new camera, then you can always rent or lend that one, but you will use your own tripod.

The parts on top of the tripod you can of course rent again. For example the glidetrack and other things. These will be best to keep out of your assortment as you will use new and newer ones each time you go into the field.